The Orii ring will turn the owner’s finger into a smartphone headset

In the autumn of last year, the Sgnl headset was announced, consisting of a strap with Bluetooth. Thanks to her, you could put a finger to your ear and communicate with the person on the phone. It looks cool, but rather cumbersome strap not everyone will like. Fortunately, now we have a choice - start-up Origami Labs packed the Bluetooth-headset into a ring that can be worn on the finger. If necessary, this accessory can transmit sound to the tip of the finger attached to the ear.   The ring works simply. It should be worn on the finger, and when the smartphone with which it is paired comes a ring, the ring starts to vibrate. To start talking, you just need to raise your hand up and put your finger to the ear on which this ring is worn. Inside the gadget is Bluetooth 4.0 with low power consumption, gyroscope, LED, 50 mAh battery and active noise reduction system, which allows you to communicate comfortably even on noisy streets and concerts. The headset works up to forty hours in standby mode and about one and a half hours in talk mode. There is a gadget and support for Siri with Google Assistant. The fundraising campaign will last until August 17, but already the amount collected exceeds the required amount several times. Developers are going to start sending out headsets to customers in November 2017.