Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows Phone

The fact that Microsoft is going to bury its mobile operating system, it became known for a long time. The time has come when the era of Windows Phone officially came to an end. Owners of smartphones under its management should not worry that their devices will turn into bricks. But from now on they will not receive any software updates or technical support.   Windows Phone 7 debuted in 2010 as a response to Microsoft's competitors in the face of iOS and Android. This release was to prove to the whole world that the company's management is sensitive to the wishes of users and is ready to offer them the best not only on stationary computers, but also through mobile devices. WP was primarily focused on ordinary users, and not on the business segment of the market. But in the end, the operating system did not save it. The update under the number 8.1 was released in 2014 and brought to the OS a lot of convenience and interesting features. Yes, only there was one small "but": smartphones running WP 7 did not support this OS. Fans of Microsoft had to purchase new devices. Many users at the same time finally disappointed in this policy and turned away from the manufacturer in favor of more friendly iOS and Android. Even cooperation with Nokia, and also its partial absorption in the future, did not save the situation. Be that as it may, Microsoft does not intend to leave the mobile market. After all, the release of a new version of the operating system Windows 10 Mobile, which should harmoniously complement the ecosystem of the corporation from Redmond, is just around the corner. Based on it, it is planned to release a line of new smartphones for the company.