About company

Leader ™ – Digital Equipment

Company LEADER ™ – DIGITAL EQUIPMENT – exists in the mobile market since 2000. Through years of hard work our company has established for itself clear priorities, which at the moment are an integral part of:

  • Only high quality products.
  • Reasonable price policy.
  • Work with world-renowned international brands.
  • The customer is always right!

The company provides to customers support at all stages, such as: rendering of information assistance; individually selected for each individual mutual settlement; warranty.

Through our capabilities in all the territory of Ukraine and the CIS, you can make a bulk purchase of interest to you mobile phones, smartphones, tablets in a huge price Spector – from inexpensive, acceptable to everyone, to exclusive, limited to the issue. Also we are working not only on the fact of production, but also by prior arrangement, since our main goal is not the essence of the transaction, and provide the most convenient and pleasant environment for customers, respect their rights and needs – and with the material and the ethical side.

Our company is a premium member of a platform GSMexchange – an international trading platform created to help wholesalers GSM gadgets, based in Dublin the year before us, as we know all the participants are tested for compliance with safety requirements of trade – and it already says a lot!

So, if you need a quality vehicle at a nice price different volumes – you need us!
Please call  +38 044 303-92-20